Interview with Kira Mendelsohn

Kira Mendelson, Head of Regulatory Affairs & MLRO, Sky Betting & Gaming

In the lead up to WrB London, we were able to catch up with Kira Mendelsohn from Sky Betting and Gaming. Below are the questions and answers.

1. How important is data and consumer insight in creating a successful  responsible gambling strategy

Both data and consumer insight are imperative to be able to bring to your attention a player that may be displaying signs of being at risk of being or becoming a problem gambler. It allows a company to mitigate this risk by potentially seeing this risk before it materializes and assisting the player. By taking this data and adding the vital human element of analysis and action such as a telephone call. We are in a stronger position to protect vulnerable players.


2. At what stage should we be interacting with consumers to minimise harm?

There are various stages and ways of interacting with players depending on the triggers or signs they may be displaying of problem gambling. This also various depending on the specific person and circumstances. There is no pure science as to when we should be interacting with players and each person is unique but what we can do is set what we believe are signs that a player may be at risk to ensure we are following the right path and to guide us but this cannot be followed like a mathematics sum and we need to look into players to decide if we should interact and if it is the right time.



3. Do you believe in integrating  CSR with responsible gambling?

I strongly believe that a culture of being a responsible operator is something that must be incorporated, understood and felt from within the company and can be seen in, not just in their policies and procedures, but how they naturally act internally and externally. This mindset and knowledge is something that underpins CSR as CSR ensures that we grow and develop both internally and as an industry and provide the best experience for the public.

4. If you were to employ a new responsible gambling executive, what would their key skills be?

I strongly believe that when a person is passionate in something, you are already three quarters of the way to have a good employee.


Don't forget to meet and hear Kira participate at the 2:45pm session Responsible Gambling Innovation panel: Interaction versus intervention

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